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Service Opportunities

The African American Baptist Mission Collaboration (AABMC) is excited to announce that we are now recruiting volunteers for short-term missions to Haiti (currently on hold), Puerto Rico and other parts of the World. The spiritual and physical needs of people in these locations are great!  We are looking for individuals, groups and churches to partner with indigenous communities and leaders engaged in evangelism, education, and health ministries.  

The AABMC not only want you to go on a mission trip, we want you to have a positive, successful experience that will play a role in transforming lives 'to the love of Christ' and ‘rebuilding’ from the devastation of natural, political and social crisis. With these goals in mind, we have developed mission trips or will design a trip specifically for your individual or team’s area of service. We will walk you through the entire process of planning and implementation. The AABMC has several faith-based ministry partners waiting for your team’s arrival. You can serve alongside these awesome ministries through a number of servant projects. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we form teams for short-term mission service opportunities.

Trip Planning, Preparation, Tools

Download the attachments at the bottom of this page to help plan and prepare for an upcoming trip.

Helpful Links for Travelers