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Mission of Grace

Mission of Grace

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Mission of Grace is a Christian non profit organization located in Carries, Haiti.  Mission of Grace was founded in September 2009 by Linotte Joseph and her husband Jean.  Linotte and Jean Joseph’s heart was to reach the people of Carries through love and compassion.  She started by opening up her home to mother and children after a mudslide which took many lives.  She welcomed more than 100 people into her yard and started to feed them bowls of spaghetti.  After that she asked God how else she can serve this community which seemed to have no help and no aid.  She walked across the street and found a young woman in labor, Linotte tried to help her but by the time they had organized a vehicle to take the lady to the hospital which was an hour away, the mother died.  After this mother died so unnecessary because there was not a clinic in the area Linotte knew that Her mission was to serve this community. 

After the earthquake in January 2010, Linotte and Jean started receiving teams to come and help her in the village where they did medical clinics, community feedings and food distribution along with many other things. 

In January 2011 a young Canadian woman named Kim O’Dwyer came and asked Linotte Joseph if she could come and serve Mission of Grace.  Kim O’Dwyer knew that something special was happening through Mission of Grace and she wanted to be part of it. Since January 2011 Mission of Grace has grown from an orphanage of 18 kids to an orphanage of 53 children, and elderly home of 3 grandmas to a home of 6 grandmas and 2 grandpas, a school of 80 children to a school of 140 children, a church of 50 people to a church of 150 people.  

Mission of Grace believes that there is a plan and a purpose for every life here in Haiti and Linotte and Kim and so many others have given their lives to help see Leaders raised for Haiti through five different ministries.