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November 2015 - Team Impact - NBCA/LC Men on Missions

Twenty-two men from the National Baptist Convention of America and Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention arrived in Haiti on Saturday, November 7, 2015. These men represented 14 churches.  Seventeen (17) of the men were from Louisiana, three (3) from Chesapeake, Virginia, one (1)  is from Dallas and another from Fort Lauderdale.

On Sunday, the team worshipped at the Lambi Church with people in the village.  Two members of the team were fluent in French Creole and able to speak to the church, others spoke through an interpreter.  The men sang, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’.   Following service and spending time with friends in the community, the team traveled to the Wami Boys Home before arriving at Grace Village for lunch.  It was great that we were able to fellowship at Lambi and spend time at Grace Village. Our work has been completed at Lambi Village so it was nice to see old friends before we start working with another partner, Mission of Grace. 

After filling ourselves with a big lunch, prepared by the Grace International staff, the team traveled to Mission of Grace, in Carries, Haiti.  What a week!  I've never seen a bunch of men work this hard with little shelter from the sun...but, they played hard to and deserved every moment.

 The team divided into 2 and worked on two projects: the elderly (seniors citizens) home and a 4 stall flushable toilet located at the Children's Home. Observing these men, as they came together and worked as one alongside their Haitien brothers, was something you had to was joyful; I was proud of them.  This is a new location and ministry  partner for Lott Carey and NBCA teams and things went very smooth.  it was also a first for the Haitians to work with African-American missionaries.  They shared with the men that the only missionaries that come to to help do not look like them.  These men came together and worked as one. 

Here are some of the statements submitted by the men:

"It was a joy and a privilege to work untiringly with the Mission of Grace team and staff.  The move of God and his anointing power to help his people rise above circumstances, with God’s help answering the Macedonia call.  We were able to talk to a survivor of the mud and rocks that bried many homes and people, the orphanage where babies are being care for by nannies.  I was moved and heartbroken when a man came down from on top of the mountain, he was walking he had a stroke on one side of his body, a little 4 year old boy on the other side of him, his wife was in the mountain sick with cancer, the man gave the little boy to one of the ladies at the orphanage to take the child and raise him he look at the baby and waved goodbye, the baby waved back, he turn went back up the hills possibly never to see the child again, the lady was told to take the baby in and give him a bath and place him with the other children.  To see and her they do this all the time, thanks be to God still provides."  Pastor Alvin Noel  -True Light Missionary Baptist Church - Lafayette, Louisiana 

"This mission trip was my first. I must say that it was a great learning experience for me. I was amazed at the people's enthusiasm for Christ and their willingness to praise and worship God almighty despite what had transpired in their lives. This trip also helped me to see how we here in the states sometimes take some of our basic necessities for granted. When we toured the area where the mud slide had taken place, I thought about how there was no warning and yet casualties were kept to a minimum. I am grateful that I had the chance to help in the construction of the elderly home. It was hard work but it was great to be a part of such a great work. I was amazed at how much we accomplished along with the Haitian workers at the end of the week. Last but not least, the orphanage was one of the highlights of the trip. As I looked at some of the children, I just thought to myself that it could have been me in those circumstances. It was certainly a humbling experience. Just knowing that the little that we were able to do means so much to the people is a blessing in itself. I am definitely looking forward to the next trip because upon leaving Haiti, I truly felt like I had really made a difference by just being there and doing what I could.”  Terrell Banks, Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Lafayette, Louisiana

"The first meaningful highlight about the trip was meeting up safely with my brothers in Christ. It was nice to see old and new brothers; it felt like a family reunion.  The second meaningful highlight about the trip was going to Haiti. Being able to go on a mission as special as this to help people makes me feel good when I can do God's will. I truly believe that God was pleased with me going on this mission.  The third meaningful highlight about the trip was telling people about what thus said the Lord, praying for them, showing love, preaching the good news to help heal the brokenhearted, to comfort all that mourn and being about to help build and clean up what nature took away. It gave me a great joy being there to help.”  Rev. John Kirklin, True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, Alexander, LA

"I was  elated again to be a part of TEAM IMPACT for the fourth year.  It was gratifying to continue to be able to serve the people of Haiti in another location, Carries, where we were met with the same hospitality as the people of Lambi village.  I had expected a different culture of people since we were in a totally different locale, but the people displayed the same gratitude and friendliness as the people at Lambi.  My workplace was at the Children's Home at Mission of Grace.  We mingled extremely well with the staff and was able to interact with the orphans.  It was really a heartwarming experience.  We held the babies, played with the 4, 5, and 6 year olds and they were really lovable.  We prayed for them and also shared our snacks with them and they showed appreciation for everything we did for them.  The children at the orphanage held my heart because they all were there as a result of some unforeseen circumstance.  

WE WORKED HARD!, but it was rewarding.  We started on a 30 foot deep by 20 foot diameter hole for the lavatory.  We were also able to complete about half of the building for the 4-stall lavatory. 
We also visited the mudslide area, which was devastating.  We also worshipped with the natives at mid-week services and it was so inspirational to see them worship God with none of the conveniences that we enjoy here in the states.  It was so inspiring to see them praise God even in the midst of tragedy.  This mission trip was the highlight for my whole year of 2015.  Praise God! for allowing me to be able to make a difference in the life of people in need."  Bro. Donald Evans, Greater Mount Olive MBC, Baton Rouge, La.

"This was my 4th missionary Journey to Haiti. All of the previous trips were truly gratifying, but this one was very special because we started a new assignment.  Visiting  Lambi Village where it all began was a total blessing to myself & others who had been there before. Meeting old friends and seeing the familiar faces warmed our hearts as well as seeing that the hard work from previous trips were not in vain. Attending Sunday service in the village community center that Team Impact had a hand in erecting was a very humbling experience. Also, watching the excitement of my fellow missionaries who with us for the very first time was amazing, knew that they were experiencing exactly what I felt several years ago on my first journey.  Once we arrived at Mission of Grace, in Carries, Haiti, we were introduced to our Hosts, assigned to our rooms, ate a wonderful meal, fellowshipped with one another, and bedded down for the night. On Monday, we walked to the work site & upon seeing the task at hand for the first time, we knew why Team Impact was chosen to make the first trip.

 Mission of Grace, in Carries, Haiti, the site of our new missionary efforts is an amazing place. Our assignments for the week was to lay the foundation for a senior citizens  home and install  a 4 stall flushable toilet located at the Children's Home. I must say how very proud I am of Team Impact for not only all of the hard work, but also, the determination displayed to complete the tasks at hand. The work was very hard given the terrain & the conditions (heat) we endured, but God, once again, blessed us tremendously, with his grace & mercy. I know in my heart that is was only through God’s amazing grace that we were allowed to once again work in his service & his ever present mercy sustained us throughout the week. The Haitian workers were quite impressed to see that our work ethic fell in line with their own and side by side we worked to lay the foundation and install the toilets, but more importantly everyone involved worked diligently to the glory of God’s kingdom. I could never truly express how blessed I am to have been a part of such an amazing journey. It is my prayer to return to Carries next year to continue helping, healing, ministering, and comforting our brothers and sisters enabling each and every one of them to see not Team Impact, but God, coming to their aid. Until we meet again!!! " Vernice Green, Jr., Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Charles, La.