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Our Mission:

The African American Baptist Mission Collaboration seeks to help rebuild, revitalize and advocate for Haiti in wake of the January 2010 earthquake.

About the Collaboration:

The AABMC was formed in February 2010 and is a partnership of five Baptist communities representing more than 40,000 churches and more than 10 million Christians nationwide, most of whom are of African American heritage.

Recent Additions

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The Herald, Summer 2013

The Herald, Summer 2013

The Power of Collaboration: The Power of Building a Firm Foundation for Missions to Haiti
AABMC Magazine, Summer 2012

AABMC Magazine, Summer 2012

Haiti Will Rise: 2 Years Later. Cover Photo: It's a tradition for Haitians to carry water, food and etc. on their heads, similar to this lady near Santo Village in Leogane.

To Rebuild Haiti, Restoring Democracy is a Must

After a devastating earthquake, hurricanes and an imported cholera epidemic, impoverished Haiti seems an unlikely candidate for tough love. But that may be the best way to resolve a political impasse blocking the country’s recovery.