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Pastor's Excellence Network (PEN)

Under the leadership of Dr. Gregory K. Moss, the first group of pastors participating in Lott Carey’s Pastor’s Excellence Network (PEN) went on mission to Haiti from January 29 to February 5, 2013.  The trip was setup as a site visit giving the pastors an opportunity to minister in several of Lott Carey project venues, such as: Santo Village (Habitat for Humanities); Lambi Village (Grace International) where they painted houses and broke ground for the 'Community Center'; each pastor preached at one of our partner congregations around Port-au-Prince, visits with Former Ambassador Raymond Joseph (A Dollar A Tree for Haiti, Inc.), Former Ambassador Francois Beniot (Haiti Hydroponics Project) and Strategic Union of Baptist Churches in St. Marc; prepared and served meals at the Grace International School and stocked shelves at the Grace Village Girls Homes.

The PEN was created to help nurture missional pastors, to create conversation around innovative ministry opportunities, to create creative missional engagement and to provide opportunities for self-care.  Once a year, pastors participating in PEN will be able to take advantage of short-term mission assignments. They will also participate in meetings and sharing at the Lott Carey Spring and Annual Missions Conferences. smoe s PEN is a mechanism to engage our pastors with other pastors, politicians and people so that they can look, listen, learn and encourage.  

Below are the reflections from some the participating pastors:


 Dr. Gregory K. Moss, Sr. President, Lott Carey Foreign Baptist Mission (Senior Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church)

Our trip has been inspirational, informative and insightful.  We have embraced the call to listen, learn, encourage and pray.  These principles have served our team well as we have interacted with the people and followed the lead of the spirit.  Our group, though diverse, has bonded and the fellowship is growing stronger daily.  We have also put in our share of "sweat equity", setting a high bar for the next PEN group.  Each day at evening we pause to unpacking experiences that had a particular impact.  More than anything, the immersion has challenged, enlightened, informed and exposed the group to our model and approach to doing missions.



“Reflections of a Lott Carey” by Dr. Victor M. Davis, (Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio) Haiti 2013


It has been said, "that the longer you live the more you learn." I have now lived long enough to live missions through my eight day stay in the nation of Haiti. When I say "live missions" I mean living, learning, encouraging and praying for those who are the "least of these" so that through the love of Christ touch and change lives. I grew up in a church that supports the work of Lott Carey. I have been blessed to pastor two churches that support Lott Carey. I have supported Lott Carey.  Coming to Haiti I have now lived Lott Carey. Upon hearing Joshaphat, a resident of Habitat's Santos Village say, "I ask God to help me be content with what I have and to be happy with everybody and everybody be happy with me."  What he had was a one room house with no electric, running water or any of the amenities we Americans are accustomed to. I lived Lott Carey while in Grace Village. While in Grace Village.  I watched half of the 1,600 school student population being turned away from lunch because there was not enough money to buy food to feed them all. I lived Lott Carey in Lambi Village when I saw the pride of tent dwellers show their homes with pride as if it was a palatial mansion in gated community. I lived Lott Carey as I looked across his beautiful creation of land and people; humbled, grateful and changed.



Reflections by Dr. Delaware Clark,

(Pastor, Camp Grove Baptist Church, Danville, VA,

Executive Administrator Cherrystone Missionary Baptist Association, Inc.)


This is my first mission trip to Haiti. I began attending Lott Carey in 1995. Each year that I attended I learned a lot about global missions and what Lott Carey does.


This mission trip has been a life changing experience.  I was able to see firsthand the Santo Village, the school, orphanage and Widows Home. I ha

I had the opportunity with our team of Pastors to serve lunch and also to store supplies.


I also saw firsthand the work project at Lambi Village and worked with those in the village helping to build homes.


I also had an opportunity to visit those that are still in tents, to listen, encourage and pray with them. I also had an opportunity to join with pastors in serving at the Friday afternoon ‘Community Feast’.


I wish to thank President Moss and Ms. Kathi Reid for giving me an opportunity to join the team for a week in Haiti doing missions.




“The Haiti Experience” - Reflections by Dr. Ricky Banks,

(Pastor, St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church, Elizabeth City, NC and 2nd Vice President of General Baptist State Convention of NC, Inc.)


The theme for the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc. is “Preaching, Teaching, and Reaching”.  The Haiti experience was one of all three. The ‘preaching’ gave me the opportunity to share God’s word of hope to a people who needs to be reminded that God has not forgot them in Haiti, and better days are ahead. My ‘teaching’ experience was to show my sisters and brothers in Haiti that I did not come to be served, but came to serve. It was an attempt to show Haiti, what Jesus taught His disciples on spiritual authority, and that is authority is not found in a position or title, but in a towel.  Finally, in ‘reaching’ my sisters and brothers in Haiti my reaching was to show them we see their needs and will do all we can to reach out and lend a helping hand. I tried to say to them what Jesus said to the world, “I bring you good news of great joy, which shall come to all the people” (Luke 2:10).  My attempt to reach Haiti, I used my life the last eight days to show God can be trusted to provide what was needed. Moreover, I now more than ever know what the mission of the Christians is all about, I am convicted to do ever the more.