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100 Men 10 Homes - "Team Trinity"

Team Trinity

December 1 - 8. 2012

THEY ARRIVED...thirty-three (33) Men on a Mission to continue the build of 10 homes in Lambi Village.  They came charged and ready for work; asking 'when will we go to the site'?  The team leader is Tony Taylor and the men represent 10 congregations: New Macedonia Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.; Spring Creek Baptist Church, Moseley, VA; Convent Avenue Baptist Church, New York, NY; Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA; Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Centerville, VA; St. Timothy’s Christian Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD; Jones Chapel MBC, Reidsville, NC; Parkway Gardens Christian Church, Chicago, Illinois; New Bethel Baptist Church, Pontiac, Michigan; Mt Zion Baptist Church, Middleburg, VA

Most of the team arrived on Saturday.  Two were delayed because of mechancial problems but arrived on Sunday; the last will arrive today.  The men got settled into the Taciana Hotel which is more like a lodge (with bungalow's and big houses) than a hotel.  


On Sunday, they woke up before sunlight and were off to church before 6:30 a.m.  They spent Sunday morning worshipping at Wambi and Bethel (two of Grace International churches) in the Carrefore area of Haiti.  Following a short tour of Grace Villages hospital, orphanages, tent village, school and an orientation with Jonny Jeune, construction manager, the men returned to the Taciana to rest up for the start of work on Monday. 


Monday the big start day for the men, they arrived at Lambi early and before anything else, they prayed.  Since the last team completed the foundations, team 3 moved large building blocks for the walls of 6 new houses.  By early afternoon, since it was so many of men, they were all over the village.  Some of men were on ladders painting, some hammering wood for the roofing materials, some sawing and others were creating a gravel road for a better street. By 4 p.m. the men were tired and ready to return to their hotel. Tony Taylor, the team leader, said that men were tired but everyone was looking forward to an early start and the work ahead of them on Tuesday. 


By Tuesday, the men got into a routine, when they arrived at the site the knew what needed to be done and went straight to work.  About a dozen of the men worked to stack brick and another dozen worked on rebar.  A few men continued to work on the trusses (that is what all of the hammering of wood was for on Monday); seven trusses are required for each house.  The painters went back to work painting.  It is hard work in the hot sun but the commitment to completion continues. 

Dr. Edward Morris, Pastor of Parkway Gardens Christian Church, Chicago, Illinois, offered this comment: "Our being able to connect with the homeowners, even though we do not speak the same language; the warmth of children and hanging out with them. It is phenomenial!  Also the bonding with the team mates.  Coming here, to Leogane, was a real struggle.  This is part of the disorientation we needed.  The Pastors Excellence Program (PEP) was good preparation for this experience.  But, with all of the preparation from the PEP, the bus ride from the airport blew me away... I was thinking, when is the devestation going to stop.  This was tough for me.  There is great work that's going on. There is some hope from organizations such as Grace-Fuller and Lott Carey."

The men arrived at Lambi Village singing and praising God.  The task of the day was laying the foundation for the fourth and fifth duplex under construction.   While they were laying the foundation, laborers from the community continued masonry work on the 6 new houses.  Another groups worked at digging the foundation for two duplexes, building trusses and painting.  These men are doing an awesome work!!!  


As with everyday at Lambi, the men looked forward to their day with anticipation and excitement. Thursday was no different, the work was hard yet challenging. They are healthy and love what they are doing. They grew to love the people of Lambi. The children run to them to get bear hugs!  Families of men, women and teens are working alongside them, putting in sweat equity as they participate in build their homes.  Progress since Monday can be clearly seen.  The walls of the new homes are quickly going up.  The team decided to take a couple of hours off and go to the beach.  


Friday arrived too soon, it was Team Trinity's last day at Lambi. They started their day with a tour to Grace Villages boys and girls home. Some of the men became sponsors of boys and girls living at Grace Village.  Bro. Spann was excited about the 7-year old twin brother and sister who became new additions to his family. He said he can't wait to get home to show his grown twins (a son and a daugther) their photos. 

Residences of Lambi were eager about the arrival of the men. It was their last day and preparations were being made for the Community Feast. A long table was built early in the morning and once the men arrived, the feast got underway.  Of the 400 residences in Lambi, about two-hundred took part in the feast. There is never enough food to go around, so many of the men decided to share or forgo their lunch for a few hungry kids.  After the meal, some of the men distributed about 10 bags of clothing, shoes, watches, candy and other items they wanted to leave behind.  This was great because we come so many times with dresses for girls. This time the men and older boys were blessed with gifts.  

The last activity at the site was the distribution of monetary awards from the men for: 'hardest working homeowner', Ruth - widow assisting with the building of her home, 'best looking house', went to Cynthia; 'hardest laborer' awards went to Mavius (a carpeneter) and Robinson (a 16 year-old construction laborer).  The men said that Madame Ruth was working just as hard if not harder as they worked. 


By Saturday, with their work accomplished, the team was ready to return home to their loved ones. Following a tour of downtown Port-au-Prince, the team went to the airport for their afternoon departure.  In all, Team Trinity completed the ground work for 4 duplexes (8 homes) in various stages of construction.  Their accomplishments: the walls for 4 homes are up and the foundations were set for another 4 homes. With AABMC funds arriving soon, the Lambi Village laborers and families will continue the build the 10 homes (on Friday, the laborers started digging another set of homes).   

Team Trinity - Glorifying the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

They thank you for your prayers!  As they depart, pray for safe travel mercies home!!! 

Andrew Woolfolk            Andrew Afolabi, Jr.         Benjamin Abdelrahman         Bradley Lee    Brelan Hillman              Bryan Lennox        Donald Drummond         Pastor Edward J. Morris Sr.

Pastor Elton Wilson, Sr.       Emery Partee, III         Eric Dolce          Ervin McDaniel Jr   Freddie Byrd          Gary Spann        George Price II           Gregory Johnson, Sr.

Harry Thompson         James Alston         James Henderson        Kevin Jackson    Pastor Keyon Payton         Lewis Parker          Marcus Wade            Pastor Micah McCreary

Michael Tucker, Photographer/Writer          Prince Howard            Ralph  Taylor      Ricardy Damille    Roland Williams           Terry Norman         Tony Taylor        Vernon Hammett       Warren Parks Jr

Please Praise God and continue to pray for these men: 

  • God was glorified
  • Love of Christ did flow from them to others
  • Clear guidance from the Holy Spirit on what to do next
  • They were protected from Spiritual Warfare
  • These men walked in unity, had good attitudes, and showed humility
  • Effective cross-culture communication was displayed
  • As they go back home pray that God will make their individual and collective ministry exceedingly fruitful
  • Continue to pray protection and care for family left at home and their new friends in Lambi
  • Continue to create in this team servants hearts 
  • Give them good health, safety, and protection