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100 Men 10 Homes - "Team Impact"

100 Men 10 Homes – Team 2 - November 10 - 17, 2012

Team 2: 'Team Impact' 

Twenty-two men on a mission arrived on Saturday, November 10th.  This is the second of four men's teams planned for the ‘100 Men 10 homes’.  This diverse group is from the Mid-Atlantic, Gulf Coast and the Mid-West.  Deacon Earl Carpenter, Trinidad Baptist Church, is the team leader.

One man on the team is from New Bethel Baptist Church, Pontiac, MI.

Eleven men from the MD/DC/VA area represent several churches: The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, Capital Heights, MD; Trinidad Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., Oakland Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA; Christian Home Baptist Church, Suffolk, VA; Hulls Memorial Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, VA; and, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chesterfield, VA. 

The Louisiana Home & Foreign Missions Baptist State Convention sent 10 men representing: Greater Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA; Saint John Community Baptist Church, Marksville, LA; True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA; Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA; Greater Starlight Baptist Church, Covington, LA; Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Lake Charles, LA; aNinth Baptist Church, Ville Platte, LA and True Light Missionary Baptist Church.

It did not take long for the men to build a bond of friendship a- nd respect for one another.  On the way from the airport, they agreed to mix the rooming list and work hard at getting to know one another.  The men work well together. 

After resting Saturday night, the team spent Sunday morning in worship at two churches. Following service they participated in orientation and toured Grace Villages Tent City, Clinic, Orphanages and Widow's Home.  

On Monday, the team arrived at Lambi ready to work.  Most of the men began preparations for 6 new homes. Several cut and assembled rebar and helped prepare the grounds to lay the foundations. Others put second coats, finished railings, and installed under-hangs on the homes completed by last weeks, ‘The Mighty 7’ team. Laborers from Lambi Village actually dug the foundation and cleared the land, last week, with shovels and pitchforks.  There's not such thing at this Lambi Village building site to have backhoes or heavy equipment.

The ’22 Men on a Mission’ continued their work on Tuesday.  Several of the men and most of the laborers and families, who will receive these houses, began placing rebar in the dugout foundation. A few of the men were able to meet and visit with families, living in tents at Lambi Village, waiting on new houses to be built. It is amazing how hard these women and teens are working alongside the men.   

On Wednesday, approximately six of the men continued working on the completed homes. The others worked on the foundations for three new duplexes. After forming an assembly line, pales of water and cement  moved from person-to-person to fill the foundation for one duplex. Since everything is done by hand, this is not an easy task in intense heat.  Some were exhausted, but when they thought about the families living without shelter, they become energized to complete the task.   

By Thursday, things started to wind down for the men but they were still energized to keep going!  Thursday, was supposed to be their half-day off but the men decided to continue.  Before their final day ends on the site on Friday, the men are determined to complete foundations for three new duplexes (house #'s: 27 -32). They are also determined to make sure every home has screening, railings, the porch under-hangings and second coats of paint.  In addition to their work, several of the men and community started preparations for Friday's 'Community Feast'.  

Friday came too soon for the men, they got up early and completed their goal of three foundations!  Around noon over 200 people showed up for the 'Community Feast'.  Unfortunately, only 150 could be served. Thanks to donations from Team Impact, the community was be able to share a meal together.  The men also served the meal (fried chicken, beans & rice, and punch) and gave donations of snacks, clothes, shoes, pens & pencils and etc. to those who did not receive a meal. 

Grace-Fuller has hosted many teams over the past year; but, the construction manager and the community describes this group of men as, 'the best team yet'.  'Team Impact' was not only driven and passionate about their mission, they also took genuine interest in the people of Lambi Village. They sat and talked with the people, made visits to their homes and tents, heard testimonies and ministered to the hearts of each person they came across. This group of men were determined to make an they chose the name, 'Team Impact'.  

To God be the Glory, for the things He has done through the labor of 22 men who made an impact on the lives of the people of Lambi Village.

Pastor Alvin Noel .  Pastor Braylon Harris .  Craig Marks  .  Donald Evans   .  Earnest Freeman

Pastor John Kirklin  .  Kenneth Reeves, Jr   .   Phillip Louis  .  Triple Smith  .  Vernice Green, Jr

William Taylor Jr  .  Tim Weeks  .  Andrew Parker  .  Anthony Reynolds  .  Derek Slocum

Earl Carpenter Jr  .  Ernest Powell Jr  .  Larry Harris  .  Michael Wyche  .  Paul Watson

Paul James Sr.  .  Therbia Parker Sr.

A special thank you to each man for making a difference... to the team leader, Deacon Earl Carpenter, for keeping and pulling it all together... and to the pastors & ministers on the team who provided spiritual leadership to the men. 

Please Praise God and continue to pray for these men: 

  • God was glorified
  • Love of Christ did flow from them to others
  • Clear guidance from the Holy Spirit on what to do next
  • They were protected from Spiritual Warfare
  • These men walked in unity, had good attitudes, and showed humility
  • Effective cross-culture communication was displayed
  • As they go back home pray that God will make their individual and collective ministry exceedingly fruitful
  • Continue to pray protection and care for family left at home and their new friends in Lambi
  • Continue to create in 'Team Impact' servants hearts 
  • Give them good health, safety, and protection
Watch Team Impacts impromptu moment below: 
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