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100 Men 10 Homes: Team 1 - 'Seven Mighty Men'

"My recent trip to Lambi Village in Haiti was soooo gratifying.  To Help two (2) families get a stable house off the ground and to witness their gratefullness will be engraved in my mind for a long time.  God gave me the opportunity to see real missions in action, real faith at work and God's saving power at its best.  I can say He allowed me to go thousands of miles to help someone in need and see my fellow workers in Christ have life changing experiences.  It was awesome!!!!  Thanks to Pastor Pilson (his leadership) the men of Mt. Pleasant (true fellowship) and Lott Carey for their help in making it all possible."    Submitted by: Deacon Herbert Hawkins, Maple Springs Baptist Church, Capitol Heights, MD;  Photos by: Deacon Hawkins

"Ever since I've been back all I do is think about the peolple of Haiti and what they have seen and have experienced. When i was growing up in the places we lived, we were poor (american style). After what I saw over in Haiti I now realize how really fortunate i was,to at least have a roof over my head, shoes, true freedom,schools,and the basic ''choices'' of life.  While over there i learned the true meaning of love and sharing a common goal. I saw how as ''one'' more can be accomplished than by going a seperate way.  Being in survival mode each and every day has to be a draining experience to say the least, but those peolple (OUR BROTHERS &SISTERS) went about it with deep faith and commitment.Of any group I've ever been associated with they have every right to curse God and give up on Him,but they continue to praise Him and glorify Him. My life will ever be changed not by just what I saw but what I felt in my spirit as I looked into the eyes of the families as they recieved the keys to their new homes and as we walked about their village the love that was heaped upon us. At church on our first day to see over 1500 hundred plus in the service all worshipping like they had every thing they've ever asked for just took me to newer heights of beleif. This has been one of the most gratifying moments of my life and I plan soon to have a family gathering of my children and wife to see the pictures and to just share with them the power of ''revival''...''regrowth''...''rebirth''..''restoration''..and ''rebuilding''.   I truly thank all of you at Lott Carey for the love of people,and your committment to do the will of God Almighty. Words truly cannot express what was instilled into me in Haiti....God Bless and Great work."  Submitted by: Ronn Spinner, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

"This was my first mission trip, so I had no idea what to expect. God directed me to go on this trip so I went out of obedience and I said it would be nice to go to Haiti and help our brothers and sisters rebuild. Little did I know that God had plans to rebuild me once I got there. It was a great experience helping my brothers and sisters out and it really was a blessing watching their smiling faces as we worked together to build homes for them. The gratitude of the Haitian people was a blessing but they gave me way more than I gave them. They taught me true worship! To see my Haitian brothers and sisters praising God in spite of all they have been through was an awesome and uplifting experience. When I looked at their living conditions and the fact that they don't have most of the luxuries in life that we take for granted everyday such as bathrooms in our homes, hot showers, refrigerators' to keep our food in, ovens and microwaves to cook our food, a/c's to keep us cool, plenty of clothes and shoes to wear, and jobs to go to, and they could still raise their hands to the sky and praise God, that really convicted me about my complaining about not having the things that I want, and to start focusing on the fact that I have everything I need. God, I thank you for taking care of all of my needs and I praise your holy name. I'm praying that God will see fit to send me back to Haiti if it is his will."  Submitted by: Myron Euille, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA